Vacation Invoice




2011 Reservation Information

Gratuities: A 10% suggested gratuity will be added to your client’s bill at the time of checkout.

Reservation/Cancellations: Advanced reservations are required. Any additional items must be paid in full at the time of your client’s departure. A cancellation fee of $100 will be charged if received at least 90 days in advance of arrival date. There are no refunds on cancelled night stays within 45 days of the reservation. The Ranch’s hospitality is extended to a limited number of definite bookings. Cancellations early in the summer cannot be replaced. It is therefore agreed that in case of cancellation, the reservation deposit will not be refunded unless space reserved can be filled. The management of Red Horse reserves the right to refuse, change, or cancel reservations at any time.

Horseback Riding Policies: Horseback riding is only available to those riders under 240 pounds or athletically built. Horseback trail riding is available to ages 3 & up, kids ages 3-6 may be led depending on their ability. Riders with questions regarding medical concerns should contact the ranch and/or have a doctor’s note prior to arriving. Advanced riding is available at Red Horse Mountain Ranch once the rider passes the advanced test. Each of your clients will need to fill out the Activity Information Form when making their reservations, which is available on the ranch website. If you have any questions regarding the horseback riding policies, please contact Cory Inouye, Ranch Manager at (888) 689-9680.

Items to Finalize Before Your Arrival:  We ask each incoming guest to fill out the “Activity Form.” This enables the ranch to schedule each guest for the correct horse and saddle and to customize their meals while on the ranch. Each guest should also bring with them a printed copy of the “Liability Form.” And lastly, as your flight arrangements solidify, please fill out the Shuttle Form if you’ll be needing transportation to or from the ranch.

Pets: Because of the large number of horses, cats and dogs here on our Ranch and for the safety of your animals, we do not allow pets.

Babysitting: $15 per hour per child

Transportation: Shuttle service from the Spokane Airport (GEG) can be arranged to/from the ranch by contacting Red Horse Mountain directly. Costs for the shuttle are $110 for the first person, and $20 for each person after that. To book the shuttle, please fill out the “Shuttle Reservation Form” on our ranch website.

Additional Costs or “off ranch” Activities: 
At Red Horse Mountain Ranch, there are some additional activities and items available for your vacation at an extra cost. These include “off ranch” guided activities, alcohol outside of cocktail hour, and Trading Post purchases.

Whitewater Trip: Red Horse Mountain Ranch offers a Tuesday shuttle to the whitewater trip on the Clark Fork River in Montana or the St. Joe River in Idaho. St. Joe whitewater trips occur in June and July, depending on river flows and conditions. Clark Fork whitewater trips occur between July & September, depending on river flows and conditions. Costs for the whitewater trips are approximately $115/person. This is an all day trip and departures from the ranch will occur between 6:30 a.m. (Clark Fork River) and 7:30 a.m. (St. Joe River). Arrivals back at the ranch are typically between 5:00 p.m. (St. Joe River) and 7:30 p.m. (Clark Fork River). Lunch will be provided during your trip. If your arrival back at the ranch is after dinner at 6:00 p.m., your dinner will be in your room when you arrive. Whitewater trips are provided by Row Adventures.

Fly Fishing Float or Walk & Wade Trips: Float fishing trips or walk and wade trips can be arranged during your stay at the ranch, however, we recommend pre-booking your guide because of availability. The float and walk & wade trips on the St. Joe River are full day adventures departing from the ranch after breakfast and returning at the discretion of the angler and guide. Arriving prior to dinner can be arranged. The St. Joe River is classified as a Wild and Scenic Waterway and is strictly catch and release fly-fishing for cutthroat trout, although there are some rainbow trout as well. Anglers should come prepared with waders and boots for the walk and wade trips. Float fishing does not require waders but it is recommended during the months of late May and June, or September and October. Lunches are included on your fly fishing trips and your guide will handle all transportation to and from the river. Fly fishing trips are provided by Row Adventures.

The All Inclusive Rate:
 30% of the cost of your stay is allocated to your accommodations and includes a 2% Idaho Bed tax fee.