Top Ten Reasons to Fly Fish During Your Stay:

This cutthroat was pulled out of a deep hole by Tim last Saturday on the Coeur d' Alene River. It still had a fly in its mouth from a previous battle. He was released and is out there for someone else to fight! (the fish, not Tim)

10. Cutthroat Trout – they are just so BEAUTIFUL! You have to see this fish.

9. Fly fishing is part of the western experience. It is just the norm out here.

8. For those of you who do not like fishing, the scenery alone is reason enough to make this trip happen. Bring a camera!

7. Come on, A River Runs Through It!? You know you want to be Paul! Come be Paul for a day. Shoot the shoots. Wear the cool hat. Jump in the water and chase the fish down stream.

6. Water 20 feet deep. You can see to the bottom.

5. A perfect time to learn a new hobby. Your guide will patiently walk you through the basics and soon you will have found a new passion. Where else besides the backdrop of Northern Rocky Mountains would you want to learn!?

4. Do you know how relaxing casting a fly-fishing rod is? Yes? Then what are you waiting for! No? You are missing out.

3. Meet some locals at the boat ramp, talk about fish, grunt, nod, spit, repeat.

2. The flies. They are so much fun. To see a fly hatch happen on the river while you are out there is breathtaking. The bugs are everywhere and the fish are going crazy jumping out of the water after them. And THAT is when you get busy.

1. There is always that risk of snagging yourself in the arm with your fly and then you have a really cool story to tell everyone else back at the ranch.

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Good Fishing!


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