Get Ready Ladies, Girls’ Getaway Week is Full!


31 ladies. 85 horses. 7 Days. The entire ranch all to themselves. 2011 Girls' Getaway week is going to be our best ladies week to date. Moms and daughters and friends catching up from all over the United States; West Virginia, Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin, Washington, Idaho, Georgia, and Illinois are all represented among the gals scheduled to arrive. Most likely, a whole new group of friends will be made during our week long stay at the ranch. We've put together the perfect week, with a few surprises to boot.  Everyone will be arriving on Sunday, September 25th and our first wine tasting of two regional favorites will begin the week. After our candlelight dinner, we'll be meeting up with the herd of horses, taking a tour of the ranch, and relaxing near the campfire. The Rocky Mountain elk herd will also be in full rut this week and we'll most likely have the chance to hear the elk bugling on the ranch early in the morning or late in the evening. Ladies should expect to bring a good « Continue »