Mother Daughter & Women’s Only

 All Inclusive,Idaho Style.

Saddling up during the Girl's Getaway week at Red Horse Mountain Ranch

Everyone instantly became friends. We shared stories, advise, achievements and failures. We laughed constantly. It felt so good. Sitting on the back porch of the ranch overlooking the mountains and horses with no telephones, televisions or stress of everyday life makes you realize how you become desensitized to the most important things in life. We are working to live not living to work”    Girl’s Getaway Week 2011

“Of all the great things about RHM ranch – which is everything, what makes it exceptional are the staff and the opportunity to do something one has never done before. So if you have never fired a shotgun, sang karaoke, leapt from a platform to a trapeze, ridden a horse, jumped off a bridge, slept in a teepee, hiked in the fog, gone on a moose hunt, looked for bear scat, heard elk bellow in the night then this is the place for you!”

 Girl’s Getaway 2015!

2015 Dates: September 27th through October 3rd

All-Inclusive. Includes 1 hour of massage, daily wine tastings, accommodations, meals, horseback riding, all guided adventures on ranch, and drinks!

Take time away from the daily grind and make time for those you love, all while relaxing in one of Idaho’s great dude ranches. Whether it’s a mother daughter vacation, a sisters’ get-together, or just friends catching up, Girlfriend Getaway Week at Red Horse Mountain Ranch is the best vacation to ensure that everyone will enjoy themselves. Our all-inclusive ranch vacation package gives you the freedom to kick back and let your daily worries and stress fade away in the comfort of good company and  generous hospitality. Our Girls’ Getaway week is by far one of the best weeks at the ranch. But don’t wait, this one is going to fill up fast!

Imagine lying in the woods on a far off mountain top: smelling the pine-scented air, listening to the crickets, and catching the final rays of summer on your face overlooking Idaho from a far off peak. What a week it’s been at the ranch, the world has melted away.  You’ll be headed back on your trusted horse soon; you can almost feel the hot tub and taste the chilled glass of Chardonnay.  Outdoor adventures, massages, homemade desserts, and close friends have filled your week. It’s been full of great conversations, boot stompin’ evening entertainment, side-splitting laughs, and gracious hospitality. It’s been a vacation to remember and you can’t wait to do it all again.

We here it over and over again, “I needed this!” and to be honest, the Girl’s Getaway week keeps getting better and better. It’s been a week of laughter, healing, sharing, and spectacular adventure and relaxation. Come alone or with your friends or family, you’re gauranteed to have a week filled with memories.


~ Reviews of Girl’s Getaway Week 2011 “For our 50th birthdays my friends and I decided to “step out of our box” and go to Red Mountain Dude Ranch. That was the best decision we could have made. This by far outdoes any vacation I have ever had!! You will read all these reviews but until you go there you will never experience the peace, serenity, fun, and overall feeling of self achievement that occurs while you are there.

We attended the “Ladies Week” with 28 other women from around the country. I met so many spectacular, brave women. Everyone instantly became friends. We shared stories, advise, achievements and failures. We laughed constantly. It felt so good. Sitting on the back porch of the ranch overlooking the mountains and horses with no telephones, televisions or stress of everyday life makes you realize how you become desensitized to the most important things in life. We are working to live not living to work. 

During ladies week we were pampered with massages, excellent food, wine tasting (actually drinking since it really was pretty much “happy hour” daily and a 7 course meal that surpassed any restaurant I have been to. The activities were incredible. I envisioned archery as standing in a field just shooting a target with an arrow. Boy was I wrong!! We walked through the mountains as if we were hunting then would come up to an “unusual” animal (fake target) and would use either a compound bow or recluse. Sarah, our ranch hand (and now friend) taught us how to use both types of bows. We challenged our selves on the challenge course which was a blast. We walked across a log 50 feet up in the air, zip lined and climbed a 54 foot high wall. The ranch hands were there every step of the way educating us on what to do and keep us safe. The horse back riding was constant. You are assigned your own horse for the week. You can ride as much or little as you want. I personally took a horse back riding lesson and that was enough for me. I was busy shooting clay pigeons, hiking, geo caching, making pottery, pontooning, kayaking and a multitude of other things.

The evening entertainment included kareoke in the saloon, a campfire with a real folk story teller and guitar player. We even made smores. I was amazed that they set up a bar down by the campfire. It was just what the doctor prescribed. We played games, went looking for moose in the safari truck and were constantly busy. All these things I am mentioning are personal choices I decided to attend. You can attend as many things as you would like. At the end of each night we would sit outside in the hot tub and look at the stars. Its amazing that it is the same sky no matter where you live BUT I could see the Milky Way and constelations I would never see from Wisconsin.

The cabins were phenominal. Our cabin had a loft with a queen size bed and the lower level had 2 twin size beds. We overlooked the corrals and could hear the horses as night along with the bugeling of the elks. It was so serene. I slept like a baby every night cuddled up in my down comforter and cozy bed. I do not sleep like that at home. I am usually up at 3-4am. That didnt happen there. We had a specified day for laundry service which was included in the cost of the vacation. 

The staff…..There are not any words that can describe the compassion, caring, fun loving staff that have now become part of everyones “ranch family”. They all were so much fun and knowledgeable. Most live in the bunk house during the season so they would come up to the lodge and hang out witus. We learned so much from Nick, Sarah, Matt,Kiley, Tim, Jess, Jeanie, Alicen, Brenda to name a few. I must say though my favorite staff member was “Hank”. When I came home from the ranch I have been telling everyone that “I found me a cowboy and his name is Hank” I then show them a picture of the most beautiful black labradore. He watches over everyone to ensure they are safe. You will find him laying on the front grass when you return from an activity, or he may decide to walk with you while you hike around the land. He is the most well mannered, layed back dog. Kids can climb on him and he would just lay there. I sure do miss Hank.

Last of all I have to commend Cory the ranch manager on the excellent hospitality, cleanliness of all areas of the ranch, amazing food, orginization of activities and his true desire to make sure everyone is having fun. Cory is present all the time. If you dont find him in the kitchen cooking he may be on the shooting range teaching guests how to fire a 338 Lapuea. I thank you with all my heart for providing such an amazing experience to myself and friends. I also thank you for hiring such an amazing staff. We are planning our next trip back to the ranch and are bringing our daughters with us. YAHOO. Were commin back!!” Tripadvisor, October 9th 2011

“Of all the great things about RHM ranch – which is everything, what makes it exceptional are the staff and the opportunity to do something one has never done before. So if you have never fired a shotgun, sang karaoke, leapt from a platform to a trapeze, ridden a horse, jumped off a bridge, slept in a teepee, hiked in the fog, gone on a moose hunt, looked for bear scat, heard elk bellow in the night then this is the place for you! And if you are a little leery of doing these or any of the many other things RHM has to offer, the staff of “cowgirl whispers” is there to help and motivate you with their competence, patience and attentiveness. And if you go during the Girls Getaway, as my friends and I did, you will find many partners in crime and enthusiastic cheerers on.” Tripadvisor, November 6th, 2011

“If I could rate RHM Ranch greater than a 5 I would. They far exceeded any expectations I had. Any picture that is posted of this ranch does not come close to how truly beatuiful it is.The cabin provides large log beds covered with down comforters. I have not slept so peacefully since I dont know when. I listened to the Elk bugel during the night along with the sound of the horses and nature. My friends and I attended “Womens Week”. We met so many wonderful women whom I admire and respect. The strength that is felt from all these wonderful women incourages you to step out of your box and try new things. It was truly a freeing and life changing event. I did not meet any staff member that was not truly caring and nice. They go above and beyond to make sure you are having fun. We even had them singing with us during Kareoke night. They truley were friends and not thought of as staff. I must say though that I “Did find me a Cowboy” and his name is “Hank”. He is the most gorgeous black lab with the personality so laid back that you just want to take him home with you.He is perfect for kids as well as adults.” Tripadvisor, October 6th, 2011

“I came to the ranch for a one week trip with my two sisters (adults ages 27-37) this summer and we had the most amazing time! I didn’t really know what to expect with this being my first “Dude Ranch” experience, but by the time I left I considered myself a cowgirl. I had never ridden a horse before coming here, but after one lesson with an amazing “wrangler” we were bumped up to the “advanced rider” status and allowed to participate in those rides which involved cantoring (probably the most fun I’ve had since my first roller coaster ride when I was 4 years old). We ended up spending the majority of our time riding, and happily so. We also participated in multiple other activities that were offered and always had a blast! Additionally, the food here is amazing. There is enough variety to suit lots of different tastes, but not so much that you feel that you are missing out on anything (you can grab a couple different items or split with your family/friends to make sure you don’t miss anything amazing!). One word: BACON. My sisters and I found a way to sneak it into pretty much every meal. The desserts were also off the charts and we joked about having “lunch dessert” every day because it is all too good to say no to.  Saving the best for last…the staff here is unlike any I’ve ever encountered. They are all incredibly friendly, interesting, accommodating people. We ended up spending quite a bit of time with them during downtime, cocktail hours, etc. and everyone knows exactly how to make sure the guests are having a wonderful time.  We had such a great experience that as soon as our last day arrived we were already trying to figure out how soon we could make a return trip. I miss the ranch! Take me back!” Tripadvisor, October 2nd, 2011

Hints about Girl’s Getaway Week

Arriving & Departing  the Ranch. Most everyone will be taking the shuttle in from the Spokane International Airport (GEG). A flight arrival between 12 & 3 pm on Sunday, September 27th is just about perfect.  When you arrive at the ranch, we’ll get you settled into your cabin, give you a short tour around the ranch, and give you some time to relax before our cocktail hour and appetizers. Dinner will be ready at around 6 pm and evening entertainment will begin. Departures will occur after breakfast on Saturday, October 3rd and we’ll be sorry to see everyone head home. But we’ll have our plans made for next year’s Girl’s Getaway!

During the week. Throughout the week, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from any of the outdoor adventures we have in store for everyone. Massages, horseback riding, fitness hikes, kayaking, sporting clays, bike tours, and more! You’ll need the entire week to fit it all in, but don’t forget, relaxing with a good book is also highly recommended. Every evening has something fun planned from campfires to evenings in our old west saloon. We’ll have beautifully crafted 7 Course Dinners paired with some of our favorite wines, luncheon horseback rides to far off meadows, and all-day rides to some of the nearby peaks. It’ll be a week to remember!

Hint #1. Be prepared to ride. From advanced to beginner horseback riders, our week is going to be filled with lots of riding. After our orientation ride on Monday, there are advanced, scenic, and all-day rides scheduled throughout the week. You’ll also able to take advantage of learning from some of the wranglers by taking a lesson. One of our past guests suggests bringing a pair of bicycle shorts to go under your jeans to save your bum. If you don’t have boots, we do have boots you can wear but slick soles are a must. You should also make sure to have a few pairs of jeans, a pair of shorts, or something you can get wet in for the kayaking trips, boat tours, and bike rides. Some ladies bring a pair of leather gloves with them to ride with. We recommend this highly. A pair of tennis shoes or running shoes are also very handy.

Hint #2. It’s Idaho weather. We have a saying in Idaho during the fall. If you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes. This is about the week every year where the trees begin to change color and it is absolutely breathtaking. Plan on evenings being chilly, a good fleece jacket will no doubt be very useful. Rain is possible but don’t worry about that stopping the horseback riding. The barn has a number of full length slickers to fit you.

Hint #3. Dinners and meals. Our chefs are going to make it very difficult to shed pounds while you’ll be here. Daily baked breads, fresh salads and fruits, homemade desserts, and more. Some decide to get a little dressed up during our 7 Course dinner. Don’t have to though, a pair of jeans and boots are regular attire on the ranch. This will be an exciting and fun evening! For those ladies that have food likes or dislikes (and the likes are just as important), don’t forget to fill out your activity forms and tell us. Gluten free, vegetarians, etc are all welcomed!

Question #1. Should we rent a car? Unless you’re planning to go elsewhere during your vacation, we suggest just taking the shuttle from the Spokane International Airport. Once you have arranged your flights, just come back to our website, fill out the shuttle form, and you’re all set. If you’ll be driving into the ranch, check our website for the best directions. The only thing you want to watch out for is the navigational gps units pointing towards forest service roads or away from the main highway as you near the ranch.

Question #2. I would like to come with my daughter. Is this the right week? If your daughter is 12 or older, we highly recommend she joins you and YES! this is a perfect week. During the Girl’s Getaway Week we just don’t have our Kid’s Program offered for those younger. You both will have a wonderful time and enjoy all the activities together!

Question #3. We’re a group of friends? Are there accommodations where we can be together? Yes. More than likely if you’re making your reservations early, we’ll easily be able to put you all in your own cabin together.


What’s included?

Everything you’ll need to enjoy a full week ranch vacation is here. Rustic luxury accommodations, chef prepared meals, horseback riding, a wealth of other outdoor guided adventures, a long list of other amenities including evening entertainment, cocktail hour, non-guided adventures, long distance phone calls, and wireless internet in the main lodge!

Horseback Trail Riding

Coming back from a Scenic Horseback RideEach day on the ranch, riders will have at least two opportunities for western-style horseback riding during your vacation. Before you arrive you will be scheduled with a horse and saddle for your entire stay based on your riding preferences. Your horse will be chosen for based on the information you have provided on your Activity Information form. Horseback riding is exhilarating and there are rides scheduled throughout the week for all types of riding levels. All horseback rides will be leaving the valley floor to unique vistas, viewpoints, or peaks except for some of the younger children. Advanced and beginner riding is available. Advanced riders must complete the advanced test, allowing us to see your ability to control the horse and to make sure you and your horse are a good match.

Outdoor Guided Adventures

Fishing and other guided adventures are available

From horseback riding to a 60 foot climbing wall, the list of adventures at Red Horse Mountain Ranch is exciting. Everyday while at the ranch, you can choose from a menu of available adventures each day during your vacation. Mountain biking, downhill mountain biking, scenic boat rides, fishing trips, fly casting lessons, a 3D archery trail, sporting clays, hikes, swimming, high-element challenge course, a climbing wall, and kayaking are some of your possible choices.

Chef Prepared Meals & snacks

Dining room at Red Horse Mountain Dude RanchIn the spirit of a great dude Ranch, Grandma’s recipes are alive and well, but we’ve added a little flair to bring out the flavors and the freshness of the West. With guests visiting from all over the country and the world, we like to keep our menus diverse, yet simplified to please many different appetites. The chefs will delight you with daily fresh breads, seemingly endless buffets, 7-course dining, and outdoor western ranch cooking. All of your entrees, appetizers, salads are made fresh daily. Lunches and dinners always include salad and seasonal, regional produce whenever possible, as well as breads and desserts, made fresh daily. We are open to special meal requests and dietary concerns for you and your family. We encourage you to fill out the allergy and food preference portions of the Activity Form so that we can be prepared for your visit upon arrival.

Rustic Luxury Ranch Accommodations

Comfortable accommodations during your dude ranch stayGuests staying during their dude ranch vacations have always commented on feeling at home in any ofour 20 private suites designed to keep our guests comfortable and cozy. Lodging options include everything from one bedroom suites to four bedroom authentic log cabins. Plenty of western flavor, comfort, and tasteful decorations will make you truly feel like you’re home away from home. Each accommodation includes full private bathrooms with plush towels, shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion and other items to make you feel welcomed. Sit outside in the companionship of a good book on your own private deck with wonderful views of the ranch.