All Inclusive Family Reunion Resort

All Inclusive Family Reunions.Coming back to the barn

Our all inclusive family reunions include a week stay at the ranch and include a private cabin or suite, chef prepared meals, cocktail and appetizer hour, guest laundry services, daily housekeeping service, snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Guided ranch adventures in the all inclusive family reunion package are the advanced horseback trail riding, scenic and all day horseback rides, horseback riding lessons, fly fishing lessons, lake fishing, archery, sporting clays, high element challenge course, zip line, climbing wall, hiking, yoga, kayaking, bike tours, mountain biking, boat tours, swimming, and a lengthy list of self-guided adventures. Activities which have an additional cost include massage and a guided off ranch fly fishing trip to the Wild and Scenic St Joe River. Start a family tradition with all inclusive dude ranch vacations where there is truly something for everyone. Along with the full schedule of beginner to advanced western horseback riding and outdoor adventures, the ranch includes a famous kid’s program packed with outdoor activities and horseback trail riding (ages 3 and up).

All Inclusive Family Reunion Facts.

Sunday to Saturday, 6 Night, 5 Day stays are available during the months of June through August.
Capacity is approximately 60 guests per week.
Guided Adventures for ages 3 and up.
Arrival and shuttle service available from the Spokane Airport, 1.5 hour drive.

Something for Everyone in the family.

If you’re looking for the perfect family reunion destination, you’re done riding through the tangled internet. Everyone wants to do something a bit different? Not everyone wants to ride horses all the time? You want a vacation with healthy foods that take extra care for dietary concerns, some place where even the kids like the food? Got it all covered. Don’t be surprised when the kids say this was the best vacation EVER! Don’t be surprised when your family doesn’t want to leave. And don’t be surprised when you’re all happily exhausted and sore from having the time of your life.

But don’t take our word for it. We highly recommend checking the reviews and getting the “nitty gritty” to make sure Red Horse Mountain Ranch is the right vacation spot for your next family reunion. If you come, you’ll be re-connected with your family and have one of the few remaining treasured Idaho dude ranches at your fingertips!

A No Hassle Stay, Everything is Here. 

All Inclusive Family Reunions at Red Horse Mountain Ranch include:

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Accommodations. Private rustic luxury accommodations in authentic log cabins, Accommodations are designed for singles to families of 8, Laundry service, coffee makers, refrigerators, hot chocolates and teas, 24 hour healthy snacks, pillow topped beds and extra pillows, hypo allergenic down comforters, lotions, shampoos, conditions, hair dryers, air conditioning and heaters are provided.

Meals. Breakfasts made to order. Fresh fruits, cereals, 100% juices, milk, morning baked goods are available. Lunches are served buffet with a salad bar, hot dishes, fresh breads, soups, hand carved lunch meats, fruits, and fresh cookies. Dinners are served family style, buffet, and served in a 7 course dinner format. Salads, prime cuts, free range chicken, fresh vegetables, and  homemade desserts. Special dietary needs can be taken care of prior to your stay by filling out our Activity Form.

Evening entertainment Beginning directly after dinner, you are more than welcome to join us for a little fun. Massage therapy, self-guided adventures, games, hot tubs, heated swimming pool, and of course, quiet places to rest from the day’s adventures.

mg_4322Guided Adventures. A menu of Horseback riding (kids, family, scenic , all day, and advanced rides), sporting clays, archery course, boat tours, fishing trips, mountain biking, bike tours, kayaking trips, challenge course and climbing wall, and hikes are available each day of your trip. Guests can choose what they would like to do each day. Your own horse and saddle for the week, ages 3 and up.

Kids Program. With our famous Kids’ Program, parents can choose to take on the adult adventures during their week and know their children will be well cared for and have their own adventures at a child’s pace. You’ll meet back at lunch and dinner and hear all of the exciting adventures they were able to accomplish with our seasoned crew of Kids’ Counselors. But, if it’s family time you are searching for, most activities can be done with your children at their pace with your guides and wranglers. Playing safe is our mission.Kid’s Program is for ages 3 – 11 years old.

Cocktail Hour & Bar. The Bar is usually open around 4 – 10 pm each day. Each day between 5 & 6 pm, a cocktail hour is scheduled which includes a selection of house wines, beer on tap, and a selection of hard liquor. The cocktail hour is complimentary. After the cocktail hour, only premium wines have a charge. The main lodge bar will be available at lunch, but if you will be taking advantage of any afternoon guided adventures, we ask that you  keep it to 1 beverage during lunch.

Laundry Service. Laundry services are available while you are staying at the ranch. The housekeeping staff will pick up your laundry in the morning while you are on your guided adventure and return your laundry during the afternoon, folded for you. Each cabin and suite will have at least two days when laundry can be done, usually during the beginning of the week and at the end of the week.


Typical Questions about our Dude Ranch Vacations for Families.

  • Do we need to bring anything for the guided adventures?  Besides the hat, boots, and clothing suggestions, no. All of the equipment for the activities is provided and available. However, if you would like to bring your own fly rod, etc., you may do so. We recommend if you have any questions to give the ranch a call and to talk with one of the adventure guides or Cory. Each day at the Ranch, there is a menu of guided adventures available. Since you’ll be staying for the week, you’ll have the opportunity to do everything on the ranch. The schedule is located in the main lodge for all the guests to sign up for guided adventures whenever they would like.  Parents or children (ages 3-11) can also sign themselves up for the Kids’ Program activities during the week. A typical day at the ranch includes an early morning activity, morning horseback ride (or other activity), and an afternoon guided activity. Lots of choices everyday!
  • How many kids are on the ranch each week? Usually between 10 and 15 through the summer season, ranging between the ages of 3 and 11. There are usually 2-4 in the teen years.
  • Is there something for the kids to eat late at night? How about the meals? Are they kid friendly? Yes. Yes. And Yes. A snack bar is open around the clock with fresh fruit, cereal, milk, juices, bagels, granola bars, etc. And each meal has the children in mind as well. Kid friendly and if there is something your picky eater needs, let the chefs know in advance on your activity form!
  • I don’t have boots. Does the ranch? We do. Plenty. So if you choose not to travel with a pair of slick soled boots you’re more than welcome to grab a pair off the wall of boots. If you’re a big cowboy, might have to bring you’re own, sizes above 13 are hard to come by.
  • So how many times do the kids get to ride horses?  Everyday, if they choose to. The kids program does other guided adventures in the afternoon like the challenge course, kayaking, archery, pottery barn, or pontoon boat rides. There are a couple of days where they can ride with you on the family horseback trips too. For kids ages 12 and up, there are all kinds of  riding opportunities as well!
  • What will happen with my teenager? What will they do? Teens also have the unique chance to hang out with their siblings AND they are more than welcome to go along for the adult adventures too. Most of the teens find hanging out with our staff just as fun as well. With all the adventure we have, teens usually have plenty of opportunity while on the ranch.
  • I want to spend quality time with my kids. I also want to spend quality time with my spouse. Is this possible? Our ranch experience is designed specifically for this. The kids program is designed to allow you to have your children taken care of completely during their day OR you are more than welcome to join them. We even have specific time periods when you can do your adventures as your own family. During each week on the ranch, there is one night set aside for parents to dine in a formal setting (with or without you needing to be formal) and the kids have their own evening planned. This is a special time for the adults to celebrate the week with the adults and the kids to do the same.
  • We have someone in our party that has special dietary needs. Do you accommodate this? Yes! Yes! Yes! Prior to your arrival, we’ll have you fill out our Activity Form which includes any special dietary requests. Vegans, allergies, gluten-free, etc. are not a problem, but we do like to know of this well in advance so the menu can be adjusted accordingly. Gluten-Free, vegetarian, and allergies are very typical food requirements that our chefs take care of each week on the ranch.
  • How far are you away from a major airport? Red Horse Mountain Ranch shuttle service is available from the Spokane, WA & Coeur d’Alene, ID regions. The shuttle service is usually the best option for those travelers with the ranch as their primary destination. If you are planning to travel onward after your stay, a rental car is usually a better option. From the Spokane Airport (Airport code GEG), the shuttle service takes approximately 1.5 hours; It takes 2 hours with getting your baggage and other traveling time to arrive at the Ranch. To be timed with your flight departures, your return trip to the airport will be scheduled 3 hours in advance of your flight, which has proven to give plenty of time, even with small children and checking in baggage. Costs for the shuttle from the Spokane Airport to the ranch are $125 for the first person, and $25 per person after that. This is a one way charge. If you schedule an advanced shuttle, you will be billed at the time of checkout. We do not include gratuities for the driver to your bill.
  • Alright, that’s a lot of information! Give me the big takeaways. Why Red Horse? Why not something else? That’s easy. 3 top things mentioned in our reviews are the staff, the amount of guided adventures, and the food. We’ll keep everyone (we really mean everyone) so active and full during their stay, they’ll almost need a vacation from their vacation at the ranch and probably a diet. If you have a well trained ranch staff,  300,000 stunning acres of Idaho, 100 horses, and summer sun, it’s going to be tough finding anything better. But don’t let us tell you, go check the reviews!