Airfare Specials to Spokane, Washington

Airfarewatchdog displays current information and specials that are not typically posted on other major websites. Here is a direct link to the current prices coming into Spokane, Washington International Airport.

Helpful Hintsfor Locating Special Deals

To quickly get a general idea of the best airfare prices and discounts on the internet, start by logging onto sites like, or These sites search the internet and display the best available options from a variety of travel sites, so you do not need to visit each site individually to know about the best fares. Some of thebig travel sites, like, Orbitz, or Expedia, have closed their databasesto the search engines so that they do not lose much of their traffic. If you want to know about their discounted rates, you will need to visit those specific travel sites individually.

Typically, you will find that certain airlines come up as having the lowest fares on the majority of the travel sites and serch engines. You should searchthese airlines’ sites for discounts only offered on their sites, more flight times, or lowerfinal prices due to less added-on fees.Also note that Southwest Airlines does not post its flights on any of the travel sites;you will need to search their site for flights and fares. They usually havegood discounts advertised on their web site.

Traveling can get pretty expensive with today’s ticket prices;@airlinedeals on Twitter offers leads on the best airline flight deals on the internet.

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