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Each incoming guest needs to complete the activity form, located below, and our liability form. This information is used to schedule you for your horse during your stay and alert the kitchen to any allergies or food likes/dislikes. Once you have submitted the form, you’ll need to refresh this page to clear the form if you’ll be adding multiple guests.

To see the confirmed Activity Forms for 2014 please click on your date of arrival. If you are not in the list, please fill out the Activity Form below:

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As a reminder, Red Horse Mountain Ranch has a rider weight limit of 240 lbs for horseback riding activities. Horseback riding is only available to those riders under 240 pounds or athletically built. Horseback trail riding is available to ages 3 & up. Kids, ages 3-6, may be led depending on their ability. Riders with questions regarding medical considerations should contact the ranch and/or have a doctor’s note prior to arriving. Advanced riding is available at Red Horse Mountain Ranch once the rider passes the advanced test. Each rider should fill out the Activity Information Form when making their reservations. If you have any questions regarding the horseback riding policies, please contact the Cory Inouye, Ranch Manager at (888) 689-9680.

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Horseback Riding

How many years have you been riding a horse?

Where/When was your last riding experience? Please tell us about your riding style preferences. And finally, please tell us about any concerns you may have with riding a horse.

Please tell us the kinds of horseback riding you may have interest in:

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Medical History.

Do you have any other medical situations that we should know about? This would include recent doctor visits, current medications, or if you are currently under care.

Do you have any other allergies such as allergies to bees, grass, hay, horses, or any food allergies? If so, please tell us about your allergy. We highly reccommend guests with Significant or severe allergies come prepared for a wilderness setting with appropriate medications :

Do you have any food dislikes? If so, please try to be as specific as possible and include any allergy information, too:

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