The key to a great family ranch vacation is making sure there is plenty of of things to do, even for toddlers, and Red Horse Mountain Ranch is no exception. Ages 3 – 6 are more than welcome at the ranch, in fact, our summer vacations are designed around their desire to play. The key ingredients of being together as a family and letting a child’s dream of exploring the ranch with our wonderful kid’s counselors are all here. Even a little mom and dad alone time is built into your perfect family ranch vacation at Red Horse. In fact, Red Horse Mountain Ranch is one of the few places that allow kids, ages 3-6, enjoy horseback riding. And parents are always welcome to join the Kid’s Program at any time.

Each toddler who arrives at the ranch is scheduled with their own horse and saddle just like mom and dad or their big brother or sister. The ranch will have a knowledgeable wrangler walking right alongside the horse and child as they venture on their daily horseback ride. After their first orientation trail ride where they learn about being around horses and have a trail ride on the valley floor, they’ll have the opportunity every morning to head out on the trail. Some afternoons during the week there are also family rides, where you can all ride as a family together. Knowing your child is well taken care of by the kids counselors can give you and your family the opportunity to take on more challenging rides such as the scenic and advanced horseback riding. The beauty of Red Horse Mountain Ranch is that the decision on what you’d like to do is completely up to you.

Although the horses are front and center at Red Horse Mountain Ranch, the toddlers don’t miss out on other activities too. The kids program counselors will also be doing kayaking, the challenge course, zip line, arts and crafts, pottery barn, shooting 22 rifles, and other ranch activities. There are also plenty of other non-guided things to do when your toddlers are not with the kids program. The library at the ranch is filled with books, games, puzzles, and other things to keep them plenty busy during down times. The evening entertainment on the ranch is also designed for them as well with s’mores, singing, music, evening playtimes, and other such things. Not only will they enjoy hanging out with the kids counselors, the toddlers always seem to make plenty of other friends their age. It’s usual to have between 3 and 5 toddlers on the ranch each week. At Red Horse, parents are more than welcome to come and go from the kids program as they see fit, and its pretty typical to have a few days with the kids program and a few days without. You will have to plan for one dinner with just the adults during our weekly 5 coursed wine dinner. Our schedule on the ranch is designed for flexibility, family time, AND mom and dad time throughout the week.

A few hints for you if you’re planning to have your vacation with a toddler here at the ranch. The shuttle service in and out of the ranch to the Spokane International Airport does suggest you to bring a car seat for the journey. It’s also very important to make sure and fill out as much information on your activity sheet as possible as toddlers can sometimes be a little finicky in their foods. The chefs on the ranch are more than happy to help so please include their likes and dislikes, allergies or any other dietary concerns you might have. Also, the kids will usually have their own bedrooms with twin sized bunk or single beds. Bring a swimming suit, it’s usual that the kids decide to hit the heated swimming pool occasionally through the week. Although cowboy boots are here if you need to borrow boots, our experience suggests that the little girls very much get attached to their fancy new footwear (the boys do as well). We will need to have them back for others to borrow. Along with cowboy boots, a pair of tennis shoes or some other form of footwear that can get wet, washed off, and dry are very handy. Kids will be kids, and while their here, you might be amazed at how fast they fall asleep after hitting their pillow each night.

Red Horse Mountain Ranch is the perfect blend for families with toddlers between the months of June through August each summer while the kids program is happening on the ranch. Although making new friends from all over is pretty cool, the best part for them is without a doubt, the chance to blossom and grow while their here and to have that very needed family time. Our suggestion is to take a look at the reviews on TripAdvisor, our past guests have done a our incoming guests are real favor in giving them the insights into our family ranch vacations with toddlers.

Toddler Friendly Family Vacations at the ranch was last modified: February 27th, 2015 by Cory Inouye