Spring Training


Spring is a busy time here at Red Horse Mountain Ranch. With the season right around the corner our crew is hard at work training and making sure everything is in perfect order for when our first guests of 2015 arrive on May 31st.This week our wrangler crew has been hard at work, not only making sure the horses are ready, but also training on the different activities offered here at the ranch. Recently the wranglers trained on the Challenge Course, and as a good pre season practice session Red Horse had the opportunity to host some amazing students and staff from Kootenai School District's KITE Program.       « Continue »

Red Horse Mountain Ranch Featured on Discover Ranches

Discover Ranches Ep 4 Red Horse Mountain Ranch copy

Discover Ranches takes you to the heart of ranches and ranch vacations, exploring the stories behind the guardians of timeless landscapes, supporters of local communities, creators of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, producers of cattle, and cultivators of award-winning food. The new international travel series features on Discover Outdoor Life, an on-line network dedicated to the outdoor enthusiast. DiscoverOutdoorLife.com and Discover Ranches was created by long-time rancher and Top50 Ranches Business owner Jody Dahl, and television producer Kerry Lambert (Food Network, Discovery Channel, The Cooking Channel, PBS).In this episode, join Discover Ranches as they take a behind the scenes to see how Red Horse Mountain Ranch prepares its wranglers for riders of all ages and levels.  Imagine the work it takes to coordinate 5000 riders of all ages in one summer season. That might seem like a challenge, but Red Horse Mountain Ranch in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, makes it all look « Continue »

A Winter Day at Red Horse Mountain Ranch

Claire and Kyle feeding the herd during the winter

We're always asked, "what goes on during the winter at the ranch?" Besides our repairs, projects, and new improvements, one of our most important items is caring for the 100+ animals living on the ranch. Go along with Kyle and Claire as they feed 1800 - 2000 lbs of hay to our 90 horses. Oh, and we're thankful for all the hard work they did this winter taking care of our herd. « Continue »

Chasing a record fish

A supposed 80lb pike caught in Europe. Looks fake to me.

The Northern Pike is a ferocious fellow. Last season the fishing trips were plagued with bent out hooks, shredded fishing lines, baits ripped from the rods, and a few decent sized Northern Pike brought to the boat. Those big ones (most likely the females) tore us up. Apparently the males are smaller and watch the brood close to shore during spring. The females are the larger of the pike.Rarely a day came when we didn't find the pike lurking along the shores. Chasing these "gators" on Lake Coeur d'Alene takes a bit of perseverance, but having the right gear for the job is a large part of the check list; so we learned.  It took us some time to get dialed in. Finding their routine and how they move is one thing; keeping on top of it all season is quite another thing entirely. I come from the world of fly fishing for trout; fish the "Ranch" on the Henry's Fork of the Snake above Ashton, Idaho and you'll quickly learn what it means to have a Phd in fly fishing. I've heard stories of « Continue »

Have Special Food Preferences? No Need To Worry Here At RHMR!


Here at Red Horse Mountain, our excellent kitchen staff is dedicated to serving their best dishes, whether it is a classic ranch barbeque, or an eloquent dish for our five-course dinner, the goal is to make every single guest satisfied. We consider and realize that people have all types of food preferences and dietary needs, and for this reason we make sure that before each of our guests arrive, we have a detailed list of their requirements, so they can enjoy every meal to their liking!  Whether gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, soy free, an allergy, or a simple like or dislike, each guest can be served a special dish to fit their diet, or we will have a variety of options on our buffet.  After all, who wants to go to a dude ranch, or on any vacation for that matter, and not be able to enjoy the food?!  Our kitchen staff and servers will make sure that you do, regardless of any dietary restrictions.While we try to serve home-style food, we also like to put a bit of elegance into it, « Continue »