Red Horse Mountain Staff: Get to Know Our Office Manager, Jody Mitchell


Here at Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch, we work hard doing what we love, and making sure our guests have the best possible experience is at the top of the list!  A great deal of time is required to ensure the right trip is booked for each guest, from everything to choosing cabins, making travel arrangements, planning out weekly activities, to making sure dietary preferences are met.  Jody Mitchell, our Office Manager, plays an extremely important role in making sure all of this happens like clockwork! Jody contributes her time and effort communicating with our guests via phone and email in coordinating their amazing dude ranch vacation, and putting a face to an email or phone call is always exciting on check in day.  Jody is an Idaho native and has been at Red Horse Mountain Ranch for seven years, and has lived in Idaho for most of her life.  She has worked in northern Nevada, Western Washington, New Jersey, and northern Alberta, but she feels that one of Idaho’s best-kept secrets, « Continue »

Horses 101: Raising Baby Kahlua!


A continuation from Horses 101, this post is all about appreciating horses, and here at Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch we feel that learning more about them is another way to make your experience at a dude ranch the best it can be! Learning about all aspects of horse care can make any rider appreciate their horse that much more.  Just before our 2012 season, we were given the amazing gift of a baby horse named Kahlua.  Kahlua was a big hit all summer, not only did she excite the kids but she also captivated the adults that fell in love with her and her mother.  As our guests and staff made their way to the tack barn every day for their rides, they got to walk past the pair and say hello, and although Kahlua was a little shy at first, she came around quite quickly as an outgoing little filly!While Kahlua provided a lot of joy for our guests this summer at Red Horse Mountain Ranch, it is important to know that taking care of a yearling requires a lot of effort, and our staff worked « Continue »

Get a Taste of Our 5-Course Wine Dinner Here at Red Horse Mountain


Imagine an event packed week of riding, activities such as kayaking, hiking, or fishing, and nights full of fun at musical campfires and singing at the saloon.  Here at Red Horse Mountain this jam-packed week is topped off with a gourmet wine dinner, adding an elegant twist to an adventurous week at one of the top dude ranches in the west.  At Red Horse Mountain you will find yourself getting closer to your family and loved ones as you sit down together for every meal, and our end of the week wine dinner is the perfect way to end the week! It also gives the adults a chance to enjoy some wine and courses that are served beautifully plated, while the kids have a blast playing games at campfire meadow and enjoying their own meal of homemade mac & cheese and chicken tenders.  So, what does a 5-course dinner at a dude ranch consist of? On the menu… Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Amaretto Creme Fraiche and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds Roasted Fennel Salad with Mixed Greens, « Continue »

Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch: A Unique Environmental Experience


While there are many dude ranches around the country, RHMR offers guests a chance to take a break from the busyness of society by spending time out in the wilderness! It is always important for families and loved ones, especially children, to experience the outdoors away from video games and laptops. Technology is something that can keep people from really enjoying a vacation, and here at Red Horse it is something that allows our guests to be out in nature and focus on being with their families or significant other.  Many people are surprised to see that we have no cell phone service! Although it is possible to catch a text or two up at our 63-foot rock-climbing wall, you can plan on taking a break from the obligation of your cell phone, and this is one of the many satisfying aspects of venturing down a new path! While our cell service may be limited, make sure to check out our amenities to learn what else we have to offer. Environmental tourism as well as Agritourism are on the « Continue »

Find Out Why Our Chef, Steve Gallant, Loves Red Horse Mountain Ranch, And Try Out One Of His Delicious Recipes!


When guests come to Red Horse Mountain Ranch for the first time, they may expect the typical and basic home-style meal, but for those who have experienced the food at Red Horse, they know this is not the case!  Comfort food with a classy edge is what our guests find here, and it can only come from a dedicated and experienced kitchen staff.  Steve Gallant, our dinner and all-around chef, made this season an amazing one for the pallets of our guests!  Steve is never satisfied unless the quality and taste of his food is the best it can be, and this definitely showed in the feedback he received from our guests.  One of the greatest aspects of Red Horse Mountain staff members is that they are not just here for a job, they become personally involved in spending time with the guests and making them feel at home and welcome, even if they spend hours in the kitchen preparing the meals!  Here are a few things about Steve along with one of his delicious recipes! What made you decide to enroll in « Continue »