Find Out Why Our Chef, Steve Gallant, Loves Red Horse Mountain Ranch, And Try Out One Of His Delicious Recipes!

When guests come to Red Horse Mountain Ranch for the first time, they may expect the typical and basic home-style meal, but for those who have experienced the food at Red Horse, they know this is not the case!  Comfort food with a classy edge is what our guests find here, and it can onlyRead more


Explore Your Way To Red Horse Mountain Ranch on Northern Idaho’s Scenic Byways!

One of the greatest things about visiting Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch is that there are many things to do in the surrounding area for families or travelers that want to further explore Idaho.  While many of our guests arrive on a shuttle from the airport, many also choose to rent a car and spendRead more

One of Lauren's delicious cheesecakes!

Meet Lauren, Our Pastry Chef Here at Red Horse Mountain Ranch, And Check Out a Holiday Recipe!

Lauren, our full-time pastry chef, spends an extensive amount of time at the ranch making sure our guests have the most delicious muffins, scones, desserts, and bread- all made from scratch! From 6 am until dinner, she is in the bakery of our kitchen making sure everything is perfect and fitting to the taste ofRead more

Housekeepers of 2012, left to right, Amanda, Brenda, Claire, Bette, Kayla, Madison

Staff at Red Horse Mountain Ranch: Brenda Kalkauski, Celebrating 17 years at Red Horse!

At Red Horse Mountain Ranch, one of the biggest reasons why this place is so amazing is the wonderful staff.  Whether it is the returning staff or the lucky employees that get a chance to spend a summer here, it is always an atmosphere that speaks family.  For the guests who have been here forRead more


Wildlife Viewing at Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch

If you aren’t familiar with northern Idaho, or if you haven’t yet had the chance to visit Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch, then you might not know about the amazing wildlife up here.  Red Horse is surrounded by the Coeur d’ Alene National Forest.  One of three forests that comprise the Idaho Panhandle National Forest,Read more


Adventures At Red Horse Mountain Ranch: Learn About Our Mega Zip and Challenge Course!

What do you expect from a dude ranch vacation? Family ranch vacations are definitely about the riding and taking a unique trip beyond the typical beach or cruise vacation, but Red Horse offers much more than riding! Here at Red Horse Mountain Ranch our Challenge Course and Mega Zip offer an amazing experience that peopleRead more


Red Horse Mountain Ranch: The Perfect Place for All-Inclusive Family Reunions!

Red Horse Mountain Ranch is the perfect place for a family reunion! Whether your family get-together is a group of 10 or less, or 20+, there will be a place for you at Red Horse.  Our Hilltop cabin can easily fit a group of 10-12, while our diverse selection of cabins near the lodge canRead more


Horses 101: A Few Things to Know About Horses For Your Dude Ranch Experience!

Here at Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch we put a great deal of work into making sure our horses are happy and healthy, after all, what would a dude ranch be without its wonderful equines?  Many people come to the ranch with a wide base of horse knowledge, but many guests that come here forRead more


Top Ten Reasons Why Red Horse Mountain Ranch has received the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

…a big thanks to our guests that took the time to go online and share their experience! # 1: Our Horses of Course! Our healthy herd of horses are one of the main reasons people love this ranch. Experienced dude ranch goers and lifelong horse owners continue to be impressed with the caliber of ourRead more