This cutthroat was pulled out of a deep hole by Tim last Saturday. It still had a fly in its mouth from a previous battle. He was released and out there for someone else to fight!

Top Ten Reasons to Fly Fish During Your Stay:

10. Cutthroat Trout – they are just so BEAUTIFUL! You have to see this fish. 9. Fly fishing is part of the western experience. It is just the norm out here. 8. For those of you who do not like fishing, the scenery alone is reason enough to make this trip happen. Bring a camera!Read more

Morel Mushroom

Morels and New Guests

While clearing trail in the spring it is always a pleasant treat when we stumble upon some yummy Morel Mushrooms and Fiddle Heads (premature fern plants). Fix it up with some moose steak and you have yourself a delicious dinner Our first week back open is going great! We have one guest from England andRead more

Moose? Potter? Beetle? Look at those legs and that birthmark on his side.

Welcome DUKE……. and MOOSE too!!

Thank you for all your votes! Many people wanted Burg, Prayer, Reed, and Potter, but it came down to a two way tie between DUKE and MOOSE. We just got a new horse last week who is the same color as a moose and just as tall as this guy. So we came up withRead more

Ready for New Faces

We can’t believe it is already here! Sunday will start off Red Horse’s season as we have a very nice family coming in to stay with us. We couldn’t be more excited for their visit! The trails are cleared from the winter weather and the horses are ready for new faces and friends. This winterRead more