Kids’ Program


Our all-inclusive, kid-friendly ranch lets you see the confidence in your children bloom, while your kids get to explore their wildest dreams, from swimming with fish to ringing the bell as they reach the top of our ranch’s climbing wall. Kids can learn how to kayak, shoot a bow and arrow, ride a horse, go for bike rides, or even go plinking. We’ll keep them safe so they can play to their heart’s delight.  You are welcome to join in their fun or wander off to find your own adventures. Imagine watching your child’s face as they soar like a squirrel, coming as close as they can to flying; imagine commanding a horse through Idaho’s forest; or climbing, with a little help from the guides, 60 feet up the climbing wall! Watch as they fly through the air for 300 feet saying to you, “I did it!”

Children, ages 6 – 11, are welcomed to participate in the Kids’ Trail Ride, while the little “buckaroos” (ages 3-6) will enjoy horseback riding in our ranch valley. The rides are geared towards the age group involved. Little cowboy and cowgirl boots are available to borrow, but parents beware, kids usually want to keep their boots at the end of the week for souvenirs and we’ll need them for another adventure. We also require each kid to wear a horseback riding helmet which will be provided for their stay. Once each child has met their horse and is fit to their saddle we will venture off into the ranch valley or onto gently sloping hills. We even ride to a meadow where we have lunch and play games. Horseback riding inherently offers lessons in focus, assertiveness and self-awareness. Parents and kids, 12 & up, may join the Kids’ Trail Ride if space is available.

Kids’ Program Season

The Kids’ Program is available from Memorial Day weekend until the end of August, when our adult vacations begin. However, during May we do have a number of families that join us at the ranch and, during this time, most of the activities are focused on adventures with the entire family.