Kayaking Tours

Kayaking at Red Horse Mountain RanchIn the afternoon, after the sun has warmed up the ranch, there is no better place to be than out on the water on one of our kayak tours.  As you explore the chain lakes of the Coeur d’Alene, your guide will provide interpretive information on the area’s many different flora and animal species that call these lakes home.

Kayaking allows you to move swiftly through the nearby lake and river systems in your own craft or with a partner.  Our ocean kayaks are great for paddlers of all levels, including children, cutting easily through the water with the stability to keep you in. Or if you’d rather go for a swim, that could be arranged as well…

The kayaking tours are exceptional half-day adventures through the chain lakes of North Idaho.  The tours can provide relaxing experiences, during which you may enjoy the tranquility of kayaking and how easily a kayak slices through the water.  You may let your rowing partner glide you along in the sun, while you watch osprey, waterfowl, beavers, deer, bald eagles, moose and other animals in their natural habitat. We’ve designed half-day adventures, taking you through some of Idaho’s history and introducing you to the people, flora and fauna of this region.

Other than the typical equipment you would expect, like polarized sunglasses and croakies, a hydration pack, and sandals; the guides recommend “quick dry” clothing, such as a poly blend. (Red Horse Mountain Trading Post does have this clothing available.)  For those concerned about the sun, a water repellant sunscreen, long sleeve shirts, pants, and a full brim hat make good sense. Bottled water is provided. On any kayaking trip, guests should plan on getting wet but don’t worry, our kayaks are very stable and are very difficult to overturn. Each group will be given an orientation, familiarizing you with the safety procedures. With the help of your guide, this experience will be a great memory to take home.

The Thompson Lake Tour
Thompson is a shallow lake located approximately 3 miles away from the ranch, is very rich with birds and other wildlife, and also has a good population of bass, pan fish, and pike. Thompson is mostly filled by groundwater and is part of the Coeur d’Alene Chain Lakes system. Because the lake is so shallow, sunlight is capable of reaching 99% of the bottom, which in turn, creates an energy rich environment supportive of native and introduced wildlife.