Multi-Generational Vacations At Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch


Dude ranches are an amazing place for a family to grow closer, especially when it comes to family reunions or a parent-child vacation, but sometimes this can be hard to organize as people lead busy lives!  Family members can enjoy time here together even if a full-scale reunion isn’t possible.  In today’s hectic world, people of all ages have jam-packed schedules of work, school, sports, and anything else that may get in the way of some peaceful relaxation in the outdoors with loved ones.  Multi-generational vacations at Red Horse Mountain Ranch are a great way for family members to share some quality time together. Here at Red Horse it is a joy to see this, as many of our guests, new and returning, spend the week strengthening bonds, friendships, and relationships.  This can be hard to do to in day-to day life, especially if your loved ones live a distance away.  One of the greatest things about our ranch is that there is something great for all ages, so parents, grandparents, young « Continue »

Red Horse Mountain Staff: Meet Sarah Dunbar, Wrangler and Guide


Sarah has been here at Red Horse Mountain Ranch for several years as a seasonal and year-round wrangler, and she has a unique bond with horses.  When guests come to the ranch and head out on trail rides, they expect knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides, and that’s what they’ll get with our wranglers!  Sarah has a great way of sharing her horse knowledge, and this not only spurs fun and great conversations, but it also makes a few horse-shy guests feel at ease.  She has been working with horses for over 11 years, and her career began at age 16 by learning pole bending, relay racing, and barrel racing; she also spent time as a horsemanship instructor and trail guide. A couple of years later, Sarah got her personal horse, Hawk, and the two have been bonding ever since.  Shortly after her newfound friendship with Hawk began, she continued trail guiding in Stehekin, WA, before finding her way to beautiful northern Idaho, to apprentice with Kathi (she and her son Danny are the RHM « Continue »

Horses 101: Ten Horsemanship Tips For A First-Time Ranch Goer


When our guests arrive at the tack barn for their first ride of the week on Monday mornings, they are always excited to meet their assigned horse!  While some of our guests may already be experienced and advanced, it is a first time for many, and some might be a little unsure about their experience with horses.  We always pair each individual rider with a specific horse, one that will make the most comfortable experience out on the trails.  It is always important to put aside shyness and let your wranglers know if you are a bit uneasy around horses, as it will make it easier for them to help! There are a few things about horsemanship that can make a new riders experience here at Red Horse Mountain much more enjoyable, and gaining more knowledge can also help to build a better relationship between you and your horse throughout the week.  These tips are meant as a guide, but your stay at Red Horse will for the most part be guided by your wranglers! Tip #1: One of the most important « Continue »

Red Horse Mountain: The History Of A Dude Ranch

Ranch Valley of Red Horse Mountain

This post is dedicated to the rich history of Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch, as it represents over 100 years of transformation that made Red Horse what it is today!  While thousands of people embark on all-inclusive dude ranch vacations every year, its possible that many forget to ponder how most ranches were founded: by brave and adventurous settlers who were looking for adventure, a new life out west, and of course the timeless necessity to make a living. When it comes to our region and the historical western expansion, the hardy wilderness of northern Idaho perhaps prolonged settlement in our area while people flooded the rest of the west. For this reason, homesteaders didn’t venture to these parts until the late 1800’s. Why then, you ask? Gold of course! Equally important was silver; but also timber, furs, and any other commodity one might find when they come to a region of pristine forests, lakes, and diverse geology. When settlers arrived in the area, they were met by the « Continue »

Tubbs Hill Nature Park, Coeur D’Alene: A Fun Stop On Your Way To Red Horse Mountain!

tubbs hill

Looking for something to do on your way to Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch? The scenic city of Coeur D’ Alene has a lot to offer, and if you are heading to Red Horse, it’s right on your way!  So if you have time to do some exploring en route to the ranch, and are up for a beautiful leisure hike, check out Tubbs Hill. Located on the peninsula adjacent to the Coeur d’Alene Resort, Tubbs Hill Nature Park is referred to as an ‘urban wilderness’, as this natural setting has been preserved despite its close location to downtown CDA.   At Tubbs Hill Nature Park there are 135 acres that support a number of trails that can give you a taste of Idaho wilderness in just an hour or two.  You can even opt for a short 20-30 walk and experience the beauty of Tubbs.  Meander on these trails through a majestic green forest, immense rock outcroppings and caves, and even make your way down to the water where there are several beaches where you can go for a swim or simply enjoy the view of Lake Coeur « Continue »