Spring Is Here: Time To Start The Count Down For Our First Week Of Guests!


The first official day of spring is here! Although, it has already felt like spring for the past few weeks, as we have had some beautiful days here at Red Horse Mountain Ranch in beautiful North Idaho.  June 2nd is our first week of guests, and its time to start getting excited.  While winter may still throw us a few curve balls, several days of sunshine, mild weather, and greening pastures can make it easy to put that thought aside!With that, we can also look back on winter and realize that time flies! When the last of our guests and seasonal staff leave in the fall and the season comes to an end, the show must go on for our full-time staff.  Our herd of 80+ horses has spent the winter at our challenge course pasture, adjacent to the entrance gate of the ranch, and this means a daily trip up the mile drive to feed and walk the herd.Every day, rain-sleet-hail-snow, our winter wranglers drive the tractor up with two large bales to feed the herd.  For those lucky ones who have « Continue »

Its Hiring Season!: Get Your Red Horse Applications In For An Amazing Summer Opportunity


Hiring Season Begins Now! All you wanting a job for the summer that'll be in the mountains of Idaho, having a blast and working hard, better git yourselves to the website and fill out the application this weekend! Wranglers, Kitchen crew, Housekeeping, Yoga, Fishing Guides, Landscapers, and kids program folks, it's time!!!! All you staff that have already been in touch, we got you! Summer countdown starts now! - Cory, ranch managerHere at Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch our staff members get to enjoy the amazing landscape of northern Idaho.  We work hard, but we also have a blast and enjoy our oudoor activities right along with our guests.  Our staff members are diverse, talented, and experienced; and come from all over the country; but also from right here in Harrison and Coeur d' Alene.  Whether you have worked a seasonal position, or a full-time position at a seasonal establishment, then you may know that the staff becomes a family, and there are great opportunities for new « Continue »

Horses 101: Annual Vet Checks


Well, this past week we completed our annual vet check, and we were grateful to have all of our winter staff members there to help!  While Jeannie works full time with the horses throughout the winter, we also had our part time wrangler Andrea, our maintenance guys: Jim, Rob, and Matt; our chef Lauren, our office manager Jody, and finally our ranch manager Cory up at Challenge Course Pasture helping to catch each and every horse for their annual worming, vaccination, and routine check.When you have a herd of 80+ horses, vet checks are extremely important!   Vetting each individual horse is crucial, especially with a busy summer season approaching, as a healthy horse means a happy horse; and of course a content horse means happy guests and staff members! You may wonder, what are some key aspects that you look for when checking the health of 80 horses?Teeth! If you aren’t well acquainted with horse biology, then you might not know that just like humans, teeth are « Continue »