Historic Harrison, A Great Place To Visit Near Red Horse Mountain Ranch


If you haven’t been lucky enough to venture to Red Horse Mountain Ranch, or Harrison, ID, then you don’t know what your missing!  The quaint town of Harrison has a rich history that can still be seen today.  The sense of hard work and community from which it was founded on is still represented in the culture of the locals and the 20 historical buildings that remain, eight of which are on the National Historic Register.  The town of Harrison is a wonderful reminder of the western frontier spirit, as it was established by brave settlers who persevered through floods, fires, and of course the rugged and breathtaking wilderness of northern Idaho! Harrison is located on Lake Coeur d' Alene and adjacent to the CDA River, and was officially incorporated  in the early 1890’s; settlers quickly prospered from the resources of the area.  Today, much of the Coeur d’Alene region still remains largely wilderness; it is truly important to remember the first settlers that were able to make « Continue »

It’s Time To Add New Horses To RHMR! Learn About How We Pick Our Trail Horses


Here at Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch we are celebrating the New Year and looking forward to the upcoming season, and it’s time to start introducing some new horses to the ranch! Over the next few months we will be searching the northwest for the perfect trail horses that will fit right in with our herd here at the ranch.  Choosing a horse requires extensive knowledge, intuition, and riding experience. While to some, it may seem that a trail horse might require less training than say, an arena horse, but this is not the case!  Trail horses need excellent balance and athleticism as trails have all types of obstacles and rough surfaces that our wranglers and guests will encounter.  This is western wilderness, after all, and ya never know what’s going to be around the next corner. Our ranch is nestled in a valley surrounded by beautiful green mountains, with segments of quite steep and rocky trails, and many creek beds that require crossing.  Our horses need to be ready and capable « Continue »

Meet Andi Bordelon, An Area Local And Wrangler Here At RHMR


Andi has been a wrangler here at Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch for the past two years, going on three, and she has some great reasons as to why she loves this place!  Andi has spent most of her life around horses and found her passion for these magnificent animals at a young age.  She started 4H and got her first horse at the age of 9, and has been hooked ever since!  She has done horse shows, trained several horses, and competed in barrel racing and other timed events before finding her calling here at Red Horse, a perfect fit as trail riding has always been her favorite. Here at RHMR, it is important to us that all of our wranglers are passionate about what they do to make our guests feel welcome, and to have a blast doing it!  Andi is a perfect example of this as she lives and breaths ranch life!  She isn’t just here in the summer guiding trail rides, singing and playing her guitar, and guiding our many outdoor activities, but she lives on the ranch in the « Continue »

Springston Bridge: A Piece of Harrison History Near Red Horse Mountain Ranch


While Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch remains to this day an excellent all-inclusive vacation destination in its beautiful mountain setting, there is a great deal of history involving the surrounding area!  There will be more to come on the interesting history of the ranch itself, but this focuses on the picturesque Springston Bridge near Red Horse that to this day is the remaining representation of a booming lumber town.  At the location of the bridge there was a town previously known as Anderson.  Just a few miles from Harrison and nestled at the base of Anderson Mountain, it was located on the Coeur d’ Alene River adjacent to Anderson Lake, one of many lakes that surround Red Horse Mountain Ranch. For all of our guests that opted for the afternoon pontoon ride down the river to experience the amazing scenery, wildlife, and ice cream from the Harrison Creamery, they know it well!  The bridge is also a popular place for boaters and those brave enough to cool off in « Continue »

Get A Glimpse At Our Kids Program From One Of Our Wranglers: Ana!


One of the best things about a dude ranch vacation is that kids from all over the country and the world get to come and be little cowboys and cowgirls for a week at Red Horse Mountain Ranch.  Our Kids Program here at Red Horse is dedicated to making it the most exciting week possible for the lucky kids vacationing here.  Not only do they get to experience horseback riding on our beautiful trails, but they get a chance to try out our climbing wall, kayaking, fishing, pottery barn, our Mega Zip, and much more! The kids have a blast under the watch of our wranglers, playing games and making friends that last beyond their vacation.  Ana Baggiano, one of our Kid’s Wranglers, had a blast this summer as a part of the Kids Program. Ana, originally from Charlottesville, VA, earned a degree in Anthropology and Environmental Studies from the College of Wooster in Ohio.  Before arriving at Red Horse Mountain Ranch, she worked as a children’s ski instructor at Copper Mountain « Continue »