Staff at Red Horse Mountain Ranch: Brenda Kalkauski, Celebrating 17 years at Red Horse!

Housekeepers of 2012, left to right, Amanda, Brenda, Claire, Bette, Kayla, Madison

At Red Horse Mountain Ranch, one of the biggest reasons why this place is so amazing is the wonderful staff.  Whether it is the returning staff or the lucky employees that get a chance to spend a summer here, it is always an atmosphere that speaks family.  For the guests who have been here for one season or several, the staff has proven to be one of the main reasons they return.  Brenda Kalkauski, one of our head housekeepers and servers, has been here for 17 years.  For the first time this summer, her one-year-old granddaughter had the chance to visit and get to see her at home here!  A long time northern Idaho resident, she understands and appreciates why people love and value this place. Over the years, Red Horse Mountain Ranch has grown and seen changes, and when I asked Brenda what she loved most about this, she said “For me, I get to meet a lot more people and guests and get involved with what everyone is doing, and I keep relationships with the seasonal employees.”  « Continue »

Wildlife Viewing at Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch


If you aren’t familiar with northern Idaho, or if you haven’t yet had the chance to visit Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch, then you might not know about the amazing wildlife up here.  Red Horse is surrounded by the Coeur d’ Alene National Forest.  One of three forests that comprise the Idaho Panhandle National Forest, the CDA National Forest is 726, 362 acres, and we are lucky enough to be located here! Near Harrison, Idaho, we get the chance to see an abundance of animals, and it’s always fun when our guests get the opportunity to see them too! One of the top reasons why people love this place is the beauty of the landscape, and a beautiful landscape is full of important flora and fauna that make Red Horse Mountain Ranch a unique destination.  Moose, who prefer a habitat of mixed forests with open wetlands, lakes, and marshes, find the area around our ranch a perfect place to make a home.  Whether it is a crisp early morning or twilight, either is the best time to go moose watching, « Continue »

Adventures At Red Horse Mountain Ranch: Learn About Our Mega Zip and Challenge Course!


What do you expect from a dude ranch vacation? Family ranch vacations are definitely about the riding and taking a unique trip beyond the typical beach or cruise vacation, but Red Horse offers much more than riding! Here at Red Horse Mountain Ranch our Challenge Course and Mega Zip offer an amazing experience that people inquiring about ranch destinations might not expect from a dude ranch, and these activities often end up being the favorites of the week for many! The Mega Zip, which was a new addition for our 2012 season, has been a huge hit!  Everyone always has a blast down at the fishing pond on Mega Zip day.  Even for guests who have experienced a zip-line before, most have not had the chance to end it with an exhilarating water landing!  For those who decide not to participate, it is just as fun to hang out and watch the kids, family members, and friends descend down a 1,100 ft zip-line, dropping a total of 100 feet.  The weight range for our Mega Zip ranges a minimum of 60 « Continue »

Red Horse Mountain Ranch: The Perfect Place for All-Inclusive Family Reunions!


Red Horse Mountain Ranch is the perfect place for a family reunion! Whether your family get-together is a group of 10 or less, or 20+, there will be a place for you at Red Horse.  Our Hilltop cabin can easily fit a group of 10-12, while our diverse selection of cabins near the lodge can fit any combination of families as well. Check out our wide spread of activities that can be a blast for all ages! There is always something exciting going on from a morning horseback ride or fly fishing trip, to an afternoon of kayaking or sporting clays- and finish the day off with our delicious ranch dinners and some live music and a campfire. One of the greatest things about a dude ranch vacation, especially at Red Horse Mountain, is mealtime!  For all meals you can sit down and take time to eat with family, especially a family reunion vacation where you get to visit with those you don’t get to see too often.  Long work days and contrasting schedules can make it hard for families to spend enough « Continue »

Horses 101: A Few Things to Know About Horses For Your Dude Ranch Experience!


Here at Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch we put a great deal of work into making sure our horses are happy and healthy, after all, what would a dude ranch be without its wonderful equines?  Many people come to the ranch with a wide base of horse knowledge, but many guests that come here for vacation are here to learn and experience a dude ranch for the first time, and understanding horses can make riding them more enjoyable! Horses are a unique animal, just like humans, and require extensive care.  There are a few important things to know about taking care of horses at a dude ranch.  First, they eat a ton of hay! Literally, here at Red Horse Mountain Ranch our horses consume 320 + tons of hay per year.  In general, the average 1,000 lb horse will consume around 20 lbs of hay per day, however just like humans, caloric intake also depends on outside temps and exercise.  It is also important to understand that each individual horse has its own distinctive personality, and this plays an « Continue »