Dude Ranch Vacations + Grandparents = A lifelong memory.


Every so often we're asked wether a dude ranch vacation is perfect for the grandparents and to be honest, they have always had a "grand" time on the ranch. It's wonderful to have grandparents that love to travel and can think of no better traveling partners than their precious grandchildren. Most often, we see grandparents wanting to share their passion of horses or the great outdoors. Sometimes they are rewinding memories of a vacation they may have had some time ago. Whatever the reason, bringing your grandparents with you during your dude ranch vacation at Red Horse will no doubt be one trip for the memory books. Here's a few tips on what grandparents should expect during their week on the ranch.The grandchildren will have a blast. With all of the unique opportunities in the kids program for ages 3-11 years old, there is no doubt that the grandkids will be busy the entire week with horseback riding, a challenge course and climbing wall, kayaking, fishing, boat tours, and more. « Continue »

Plan for Fun on a Family Dude Ranch Vacation


Author: Tom SampleSome people have a love for the Wild West. Although it's not so "wild" anymore, there is a certain romance to the whole cowboy image. Horses, campfires, riding the range - some people wish they could experience life the way it used to be. Now, you can. Many families are choosing to take adventure vacations to dude ranches in the U.S. and elsewhere. On these vacations, they can live out their dreams of being a cowboy in the old West.Once you have decided that you want to go to a Dude Ranch, there are several more decisions and plans that you have to make before you wind up there. Here are a few to help you get started in your quest of becoming a cowboy for awhile.First, decide what is important to you. Do you want to ride horses and round up the cows? Do you mind sleep in a cabin or even out under the stars occasionally? Or are you more the type of person that would rather be pampered, stay in rough-looking but five star quality cabins and have a five « Continue »