Current Specials on Spokane, Washington Flights

$258 Round Trip from Boston, MA to Spokane, WA Advanced purchase of 14 days required, available for travel 7 days per week, no minimum stay. Travel in the next 330 days. $238 Round Trip from Los Angeles, CA to Spokane, WA (unadvertised) Limited availability, advanced purchase of 14 days, available for travel 7 days/week, Travel by August 13th, 2010, no minimum stay. $298 Round Trip from Orlando, FL to Spokane, WA (unadvertised) Limited availability, advanced purchase of 10 days, Flight would have to be on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. Travel by 6/9/2010, no minimum stay. $198 Round trip from Sacramento, CA to Spokane, WA (unadvertised) Alaska Airlines, Limited, 14 day advance, travel by 6/10/2010, no minimum stay. $238 Round Trip from Washington, DC to Spokane WA Delta, 14 day advance, must stay a Saturday night, Travel between April 12 2010 and May 27th 2010. Travel 7 Days/Week. $313 Round Trip from Buffalo, NY to Spokane, WA Delta, 14 day advance, Saturday night « Continue »

2 Day Flight Sale

For those of you headed to the ranch this summer for your ranch vacation, USA today reported late this evening... Some steep discounts are available to air travelers in the next two days in what one industry analyst calls "the first big summer fare sale" of the year. AirTran sparked the sale this week, with US Airways, United, Delta and American among the airlines following close behind, says Tom Parsons, founder of who tracks ticket prices and scouted the bargains. But travelers will have to act fast. Tickets have to be purchased by midnight Thursday for travel through Nov. 16. « Continue »

Girls' Getaway Week Special!

Time to Cowgirl up Imagine lying in the woods on a far off mountain top: smelling the pine-scented air, listening to the crickets, and catching the final rays of summer on your face.  You'll be headed back to the ranch soon, with one of our guides and your trusted horse; you can almost feel the hot tub and taste the chilled glass of Chardonnay.  Outdoor adventures, massages, homemade desserts, and close friends have filled your week. It's been full of great conversations, boot stompin' evening entertainment, side-splitting laughs, and gracious hospitality. It's been a vacation to remember and you can't wait to do it all again. [nggallery id=6] Take time away from the daily grind and make time for those you love, all while relaxing in one of Idaho's great dude ranches. Whether it's mother-daughter time, a sisters' get-together, or just friends catching up, Girls' Getaway Week at Red Horse Mountain Ranch is the best vacation to ensure that everyone will enjoy themselves. Our « Continue »